What do our customers think?

Thank you, our Softub is whisper quiet, delivers great bubbles and feels fantastic day and night. All five of us favour the blue light shade after dark, like a magic hot spring. The engine is so quiet, that in the late afternoon we hear the breezy tree tops and bird sounds, making the Softub the most relaxing in nature experience.

Family of five
Illawarra NSW

“It had been a period of seven delightful years that we had been involved with Softub. The feedback that we have received from the guests had been outstanding to say the least. The luxury, quality, and durability of the hot tubs must be commended to Softub. We appreciated your professionalism and took pride in placing our seven years of operation in your hands with such outstanding service and support. All this in providing our guests, to Margaret River region, a quality product to luxuriate in. Keep up the great work.

Leopold and Kathleen, formally of Jarrah Grove Retreat
Margaret River, WA

My wife and I are the owner and operators of Beyonderup Falls Adult Country Escape in Nannup Western Australia and we have been operating the business for 4 years. We have 4 chalets overlooking the river and on the balcony of each chalet we have a Softub spa. We have three T220 models and one T140. The tubs were purchased when we started the business and they have been in continual service for the full 4 year period. During this period we have had, on average, 225 guests per year and only ever had to perform routine maintenance by way of filter replacement and cleaning. The tubs have been and continue to be fantastic. They are a huge hit with the guests and sensational to relax in with a glass of wine and overlook the river. Summer or winter the tubs are definitely a highlight of our chalets and in many cases are one reason our guests return.

Cleanliness and safety are always of the highest priority and doing daily water quality checks is a necessity for us, to not only maintain water hygiene but to also look after the tubs. Changing the water is easy and cleaning the tub out isn’t difficult at all. They are easily moved and transported without any special tools or trailers required and our tubs currently sit snuggly on a 1.8m balcony. A standard 3 pin 10 amp power supply is all that is required and the power consumption is also excellent. Being extremely well insulated they hold their temperature exceptionally well even when turned off. We have experienced power outages for 8 and 12 hours and the tubs have only lost a few degrees and take a minimum amount of time to recover.

If I have had any concerns at all it would have been the support. I have often considered having a spare tub just in case? Up until recently support has been by way of the Internet and purchasing filters and any necessary parts from the United States. Thankfully Kevin and Softub Australia have eased my concerns in that regard. Kevin can give me and all Australian customers all the support I and they could possibly need. I have no reservations at all recommending Softub Spa’s or Kevin Donaghy from Softub Australia.

A D Barrett