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  • 100% prevention of UV caused slow-fade. Powerful UV sunscreen surface treatment. Protects spa & hot tub covers, vinyl, clear vinyl, rubber, fiberglass, plastics and finished leather. Helps to minimize mildew problems by keeping surfaces clean and dry. 16oz bottle can treat hot tub/spa covers, dashboards, tires, interiors and so much more!  

    $24.30 inc. GST
    AquaChek 4 In 1 Chlorine Pool Test Strips A simple effective swimming pool water test kit which tests all the basics giving you a reading for Free Chlorine, pH, Total Alkalinity and Stabiliser in seconds. Compare the strip to the colour chart provided to read the water chemistry of your pool. Features an easy to use flip cap dispenser and contains 50 strips. Gives you a reading for free chlorine, pH, total alkalinity and stabiliser  

    $12.00 inc. GST
    LoChlor newly branded spa chemicals - replaces SpaCare pH & Alkalinkty Reducer

    $26.50 inc. GST
    LoChlor brand change for SpaCare spa chemicals - replacement for SpaCare Filter Klenz

    $34.95 inc. GST
    Iluka Purge is a concentrated cleaner for the internal pipe-work of spa pools, hot tubs and spa baths.  500mls. It also removes calcium, grime and organic build up. Whenever draining a spa pool or hot tub we recommend that, prior to doing so, ILUKA purge is used to ensure that all harboured body fats (including Bio-Film) are removed from the pipe work and associated systems.
    • For NORMAL use - treatment should be carried out at least every 12 weeks. • For HEAVY use - treatment should be carried out every 6 weeks.

    $26.00 inc. GST
    LoChlor brand replacement for SpaCare spa chemicals - replacement for Spa Sanitizer

    $165.00 inc. GST

    Contains all these essential ingredients... Bliss, Seachange, Purify, Brilliance, Klenz, Elevate, Descend, Hardup, 3-1 test strips, water sample bottle, 60ml Measuring Cup


    $23.50 inc. GST
    Iluka Sudsaway is used for eliminating unsightly foam in spas and hot tubs. 500mls. It is extremely fast acting and only necessitates a very small amount being used for it to perform its function. It should only be used when foam is present.  

    $19.95 inc. GST
    Hydra-slip is a long lasting, heavy duty silicone lubricant designed to protect rubber and plastic parts from wear and tear Dosage rate: Use sparingly Who needs it? Every pool and spa owner should use it as an essential part of their ongoing equipment maintenance program. Every serviceman should have a large jar of the gel, as well as a spray, permanently in their service vehicle to use as needed which will be often! What does it do? hydra-slip repels moisture and is perfect for use on o-rings, seals, hinges and automatic pool cleaners. It will not expand or weaken rubber parts or o-rings. It is specially formulated for plastics and rubber parts that come into contact with chlorinated water. It is “Non Staining” and is therefore ideal for all pool equipment. It is also great for a variety of marine uses and can also be used for diving equipment.

    $13.95 inc. GST
    These fanciful floaters absorb 40 times their weight in oils and lotions to prevent scum rings at the water line.
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    $24.30 inc. GST
    SoftCare Test Strips to check your water balance and chemical levels Currently OUT OF STOCK - will replace with AquaCheck Test Strips  
  • Shampoo your Softub with Softub Vinyl Cleaner. 12oz After cleaning the Softub follow with Softub Conditioner item #9801525. Find a tear or puncture on the Softub liner while cleaning? Use the unique Tear-Aid product to fix and mend most repairs.  
  • Protect your Softub with Softub Vinyl Conditioner. 12oz Keep Vinyl Soft and Supple • Restor UV Blockers • Great for Autos, RVs and More • Use Anywhere There Is Vinyl, Chrome and Trim • Clean & Condition Monthly Clean with Softub Cleaner item #9801510 prior to conditioning. Find tear or puncture on the surface of the spa cover? Use the unique Tear-Aid product to fix and mend most repairs.  

    $83.95 inc. GST

    Which Filter Does My Softub Need?

    Softub has changed the size of the filter

    • If you bought your Softub in 2009 or later, you are going to purchase a VGB filter
    • If you bought your Softub before 2009, you’ll purchase filter a PRE-VGB filter
    • VGB Filter has a wider mouth (140mm / 5 1/2") than the PRE-VGB filter (101mm / 4").


  • Increases Total Alkalinity and pH in spa and hot tub water. The lack of buffering that occurs if the Total Alkalinity is to low will cause the pH to fluctuate significantly. Water low in Total Alkalinity can also corrode equipment, etch some spa surfaces, cause skin and eye irritation in bathers and excessive chlorine usage.
    • Increases levles of Alkalinty to ensure perfect water balance and crystal clear water.
    • Quality food grade material so it won't cloud water.
    Important Notes Spa Care™ Alkalinity & pH Increaser should be added in accordance with the directions given. Do NOT overdose and ensure you get your water regularly checked by your local Lo-Chlor Dealer.
  • No More Foam is a fast-acting anti-foam for eliminating unsightly foam in spas and hot tubs. It should only be used when foam is present.  
  • pH & Alkalinity Reducer lowers the pH and Total Alkalinity of spa and hot tub water. Water high in pH and /or Total Alkalinity can corrode equipment, cause scale formation and metal staining, irritate skin and eyes of bathers and reduce the killing ability of chlorine over algae and bacteria.
    • pH should be maintained in the range of 7.2 – 7.6.
    • Total Alkalinity should be maintained between 125ppm-150ppm.
    • It is recommended that your spa water is tested prior to adding pH & Alkalinity Reducer/ Alkalinity & pH Increaser.
    • DO NOT add more than 25 grams of pH & Alkalinity Reducer per 1000 Litres of water at any one time.
    • Always adjust the Total Alkalinity before adjusting the pH.
    Important Notes Spa Care™ pH & Alkalinity Reducer should be added in accordance with the directions given. Do NOT overdose and ensure you get your water regularly checked by your local Lo-Chlor Dealer.

    $16.95 inc. GST
    Cleaning with the reusable Tub Rub pad is quick, easy and safe. Contains all natural ingredients. Gently cleans stains at the water line, rust and other marks on the Softub vinyl liner. Soak pad thoroughly to use, wipe, rinse and let dry.

    $15.95 inc. GST
    The perfect solution for unsightly marks in your spa. The Ultras Mitt cleans your hot tub without damaging the liner.  
  • Water Wand - Filter Cleaning Tool  


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