Our latest Model with the turbo power Poseidon Jet and the new very durable Syntex ™ Graphite outer vinyl material:

This is the latest and most advanced Softub Modell Just launched with the new sturdy Syntex ™ Material with a sturdy look and touch Available as in the Resort 300+ Model and with the Syntex Graphite color.

A powerful Jet with a whirlpool nozzle creates a real whirlpool and extreme strong flow. Also the jets are now per sections selectable – the left sided jets – the right sided jets – all the jets & – only the Poseidon Power Jet New Light Therapy with 2 strong brand new lights with more LED lamps on both sides.

Capacity: 5-6 people
Outside diameter: 200 cm
Number of Jets: 7 Jets (4 functions selectable)
LED Light Therapy: 2 new powerful LED Lights


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